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Our weekly roundup of what we've been sharing on social over the past 7 days. 

We absolutely love @akalamusic's latest project; Children's Book 'Hip and Hop: You Can Do Anything" Following the adventures of a hippo called Hip and his friend hop who rap inspirational messages throughout his story. The story teaches kids that they can do anything. 

Akala Hip Hop Book

As July 4th arrived for our friends across the water, there was some real gold floating around. But this snap that was getting all of the upvotes on Imgur stole the show - @imgur.

Independence Day

This sketch from @visothkakvei Instagram page caught our eye. Visit Society 6 to see mind bending artwork from the Cambodian artist.

#HeightsCommunity Clement Marfo received more recognition from his latest drop 'Let The MusicPlay'; "This huge summertime anthem is one of the best things Marfo has released. It’s the lead song from his latest EP and the follow-up to his spring release Breath Of Fresh Air. Already had over 700 global syncs for tracks from this EP." @RecordOfTheDay

Clement Marfo Record of the Day

Tomas Fraser is part of the #heightscommunity and freelance music journalist, grime enthusiast and a driving force behind the independent record label, Coyote Records. This week to celebrate the label's 5th birthday he announced two events - You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Coyote Records 5th Birthday

We're firm believers in doing things slightly different from the norm, so when we saw that ASOS were being applauded for showing model's unedited stretch marks in swimwear photos, we had to share the love. There are a lot of questionable decisions in the fashion industry, but this is a smart, bold move that should become the norm. Picture via Designtaxi.com. Read their write up here.

Asos Stretch Marks


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